Imposter Syndrome is very real and can be debilitating. In those times when I have struggled with it, here are the techniques that helped me pull out of a spiral and move forward.

Illustration by Sabrina Newsome

The downside of working in a highly creative and talented environment is that it can be very easy to second guess yourself. Like any human being, I’ve struggled with confidence and at times wondered if I deserved to be in my post.

Imposter syndrome is defined as “a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent fear of being…

Why having just five work outfits per season can be a lifesaver and, surprisingly, a style definer.

Illustration by Sabrina Newsome

When the first lockdown struck our city of London last March, we were incredibly stressed. Toilet paper shortages, questions about international travel (my partner and I both have family abroad), and our carefully planned June wedding coming apart at the seams. …

Illustration by Sabrina Newsome

Over the course of my career, I’ve looked at hundreds of portfolios and interviewed many dozens of candidates. I am often asked what makes a great UX design portfolio and wanted to share my thoughts. Opinions here are my own, and everything suggested is aimed at hopefully helping designers — especially those just starting their careers.

When considering whether to hire someone, I take into account the three classic questions:

  1. Can they do the job? Do they have the relevant skills, appropriate experience, etc.?
  2. Will they want to do the job? Will the job interest them? …

The Guardian app team revised search, with a large amount of the work done in a single day.

There are two key reasons we believe our readers rely on the ability to search. Firstly for expedience: they read an article or know they like a particular contributor and want to quickly get there again. Secondly is out of exhaustion. After trying to find something manually by combing through the menu without any luck, they tap on the magnifying glass icon as a last resort. Both are crucial as mobile attention spans are painfully low — especially for the latter situation as the reader is likely to be one failed attempt away from giving up and leaving.

Defining the problem

At the…

Helene Sears

UX Designer living & working in London. Currently team lead at Google, previously with Amazon, the Guardian and the BBC.

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