• nathalie malinarich

    nathalie malinarich

    Mobile editor, BBC News online. Views are mine, not the BBC's, etc.

  • UX BOT

    UX BOT

  • BBC News Labs

    BBC News Labs

    Driving innovation for BBC News. Powered by @BBC_Connected.

  • Alberto Cairo

    Alberto Cairo

    I teach visualization at the U. of Miami. Author of “The Truthful Art” and “The Functional Art” http://www.thefunctionalart.com

  • Lasse Kristensen

    Lasse Kristensen

    UX/UI designer. Passionate about the possibilities of digital products to transform the world. Chock-full of positive energy. http://www.lassekristensen.co

  • Matt Ross

    Matt Ross

    Coffee Creator, Advisor

  • gari nickson

    gari nickson

    Resourceful,determined&passionate individual.I Like a bit of an adventure. #Entrepreneur. #Construction, Based in creative #CPH. Co-founder @QuickInspect

  • Marvel


    The all-in-one design platform. Wireframe, design, prototype and create design specs in one place. www.marvelapp.com

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