Imposter Syndrome is very real and can be debilitating. In those times when I have struggled with it, here are the techniques that helped me pull out of a spiral and move forward.

The downside of working in a highly creative and talented environment is that it can be very…

Why having just five work outfits per season can be a lifesaver and, surprisingly, a style definer.

When the first lockdown struck our city of London last March, we were incredibly stressed. Toilet paper shortages, questions about international travel (my partner and I both have family abroad), and our carefully…

There are two key reasons we believe our readers rely on the ability to search. Firstly for expedience: they read an article or know they like a particular contributor and want to quickly get there again. Secondly is out of exhaustion. After trying to find something manually by combing through…

Helene Sears

UX Designer living & working in London. Currently team lead at Google, previously with Amazon, the Guardian and the BBC.

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